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Art Credit Guidelines

Aesseldar is committed to making sure all art utilized on site is used properly. In order to ensure we, the staff, can follow through on this commitment we do require all art be credited in some way (if you need help finding a source let us know!). The only exception being art which is 100% your creation, if you chose not to include credit to yourself. This does not include photo manipulations unless you have also taken the stock photographs yourself.

Any stock material utilized must fall under CC licensing or you must have the original owner's permission to use the material in your work. You must follow all rules laid out by the stock provider for usage of their material.

Any line arts utilized for art or design purposes should be able to be traced back to the original artist be it through signature on the lines, a link, etc. Do not share lines if they are not free to use, and ensure any other rules the artist has laid out are being followed.

We will not require an exact way to credit the art you use (some artists will specify how they'd like to be credited/linked, in which case do as they ask), our only expectation is that it is. This could mean you have a credit line below the art, you compile all your credits in a post log list/in your account (we have a field in profiles dedicated for credits), etc.