Deity of Deity
Played by Staff


Among the maze of the woods, lies a pride just waking up from its thousand year slumber. A place that has been quietly resting and waiting while a young girl embraces the unknown. Within a large copse of trees where the sun can barely make it through as nature has surely made its home here for quite some time. Debris scattered across the forest floor without little care to its placement. A near perfect place to make a new home.

High King
Grand Prince/Grand Princess
Pride News

01/12/2021 Things have been rather slow lately (i do so apologize on that front) but hopefully things will pick up soon! It looks like Tintalle has proposed the idea of Arodion taking on a higher rank to help out?? Perhaps his assistance will be just what she needs to boost her (and my) spirits!

12/18/2020 Wowee ! It looks like we've suddenly done some research and recruited TWO new members! Welcome to Abraham & Edgar! Looks like Tintalle is unintentionally surroundings herself with boys... where them ladies at guys? Bring some ladies!

12/07/2020 With all the prides around dropping away, it's hard to know what's going to last for aliances! With Arodion looking to be the most loyal and present individual - his future is looking *very* bright! What could this mean?!

11/29/2020 It's been a while but it's also been very quiet! Tintalle welcomes our first official member - ARODION - to the ranks! She is currently roping in a few extra members (Edgar perhaps? and Hrodolf should be here soon...) A couple new neighbors have cropped up, too! Perhaps it's time for a visit?

11/21/2020 As time continues to move forward, Tintalle does her best to recruit while still staying as close to the pride as possible. Looks like a few fresh faces - Edgar and Arodion - have shown their keen interest in Ithilien! Something to look forward to, perhaaps?

11/10/2020 Tintalle Grey goes unchallenged upon her claim as the new Empress of Ithilien. A few show up to spectate and gawk, but none interested in sizing her up. One seemed interested in joining and she intends to see to it that she takes good care of them.

Pride Rules

1 Leaders are to be respected first and foremost. While their word comes first and without rebuttal, they will take into consideration all information and suggestions.

2 Claiming is prohibited unless for the safety of the individual.

3 Ranks are not toys or shiny titles; you must earn them. If not through battle, then through hard work. If interested, see Tintalle and she can find a place for you.

Pride Statistics
Males: 3
Females: 1
Non-Binary: 0
Adults: 4
Adolescents: 0
Cubs: 0
Total: 4/10
Adamo AutumnaUnknown
Ignis EmpireUnknown