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to Aesseldar, a semi-fantasy lion roleplay forum where we endeavor to foster a community of writers and creative minds together. Please take ample time to read through the full text of the guidebook for all of our rules and game mechanics. Let us know if there are any questions (or spelling errors! we really appreciate any feedback you can offer as we set off to build this world). We wanted to also highlight two guideline threads located in our audition area which go into a bit more detail about what our expectations are here on Aesseldar- Etiquette & Art.

Grand Opening Perks

While coming up with creation guidelines for Aesseldar we stuck with a theme of keeping it easy on the staff and not making it hard for people to play what they want, especially when they're just getting started here. In the spirit of setting everyone off running, and in appreciation for joining us here, the first 3 characters you make will be free within the bounds of the creation guidelines. You will not need to pay for premium colors or mutations, but you can not go outside of the rules on the creation page (but, if you feel like we're missing something please feel free to suggest away!) We'll be offering this bonus for the entire first month we're open so don't feel rushed or pressured to make all three right away.

Character Creation Highlights

We strive to feature a creation system built on ease of use and encouraging creativity. Please take the time to peruse the creation page of our guidebook for what we do and do not allow. We offer a number of not-natural color options, mutations, and an extensive variety of sizes for you to craft a character of your dreams and bring them to life. If you need some help please reach out to us on Discord, we're happy to answer all questions or review a design if you're unsure of something. We also offer a pool of generously donated free to use designs for anyone to grab up if you're not sure what you're looking for!

Once you have your character in mind, and their account created, you may proceed to fill out our Audition Form for staff to give a final look over and approval to. Once we give you the go ahead you are free to post and help us begin to shape the world of Aesseldar!

Pride Claiming Highlights

Aesseldar features of a system of non-static prides with a great deal of member control over their creation and rules. Our total number of pride slots will vary depending on OOC member population/need but to start we will have 3 prides. All of which are immediately open for claiming to lions of any biological sex or gender who fulfill the requirements listed below. Lions who claim a slot will be able to name their pride and set up their ranks with names and any rules that they see fit. This means, as an example, a misogynistic lion may only allow men any power within his ranks. The site does not dictate power rules for ranks they will come from the current pride leaders.
In order to claim a pride during this initial grand opening period the requirements are as follows:
1) Character must have 25 posts
2) Character must put up a payment request of 50 feathers in the maintenance board
3) Character is not required to have followers during this period
All subsequent claims and challenges will need to follow the rules and requirements outlined in the guidebook.

Dice Rolling

We have set up a number of DND style dice rolls to be utilized within threads and plots to enable some elements of chance and unknown. The specifics and some examples are detailed here, please give this a read through and let us know if you've still got any questions! Long term there will be more modifiers implemented but to start most things have a 50/50 chance.

Still to Come

There are still some aspects to the site that are unfinished we will be polishing up ASAP! This means you might see some pages in the guidebook or other areas that look unfinished. These are mostly mechanics that are going to be easy to roll into characters already on site/would not have a huge impact from the start such as specialization skill trees which would take time for a character to work through anyways.

Without further ado, our site mascot Eoin warmly welcomes you to Aesseldar!