Deity of Deity
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Ignis Empire

Within the south eastern section of the lake s a dense forest upon a rocky incline, providing protection from weather and making the territory eisier to defend. Up against the mountain is the entrance to a system of tunnels, where the Empire goes to rest.

Magnus Dux
Magnus Ducissa
Pride News

Dec 15- The empress has become quite smitten with a man known as Hunter, and while they have only met twice, she has made him Rex. Perhaps Volcan was a little hasty? Only time will tell.

Dec 14- During a hunt for a little meal, the empress found a orphaned child touched by stars, deciding it would be best if she was taken into the Empire. Welcome Rhu, everyone.

Dec 10- While on a walk to see what she could find, the empress stumbled upon a starving male lion. The skills he claims to have were deemed useful, most of all Ignis needing members to uphold their power, she invited him to join. Welcome Salvador!

Pride Rules

1 - The empress knows what is best for her people, and to defy her will is to risk banishment, or to have something more dire taken.

2 - The rex or Regina is the secondary leader to the Empress and often her lover, to defy them is to defy the Empress. Be warned.

3 - All potential recruits are required to be introduced to the empress before they can officially join the empire, for she must determine if they would be of any use beforehand.

4 - Allies are to be treated with respect unless they provoke another kind of treatment. The pride will not save members when they have acted with stupidity.

5 - Members are required to report all intel to leadership to aid in pride strategy. If it is discovered that key information was withheld, the member is subject to banishment.

6 - If one challenges for a rank, the Empress would always have a say so on if the winner shall obtain the rank. Even if the one she deems more worthy loses, they would still obtain the rank. It's always best to be respected by the Empress.

7 - Claiming members into the pride is allowed so long as one is not stepping on an ally's toes by doing it, and as long as the Empress approves of the one who is claimed- otherwise they will be rejected and escorted off the territory.

Pride Statistics
Males: 4
Females: 3
Non-Binary: 0
Adults: 6
Adolescents: 0
Cubs: 1
Total: 7/10
Adoma AutumnaUnknown