Deity of Deity
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Adoma Autumna

Pride description.

High Emperor
Pride News

January 17

Sounds a lot like crickets in here. Runar is working on pride relations and revving up to do some recruiting.

December 28 Runar is starting to make rounds to meet new faces, come up with some pride relation statuses and have a peaceful existence.

December 20 Runar's summons has drawn a small crowd. Will he win over the trio of rogue lionesses as his first members? How will pride relations work between Adamo Autumna and Ignis?

December 15 Runar has had a crown plop down onto his handsomely maned head and now he's got some stuff and things to do.

Pride Rules

1 The pride's ranked members will have weight to their opinions and become a council. Majority rule for any descisons made. Therefore, any members will be heavily considered before being offered a rank. Runar does maintain a veto power where necessary.

2 Love is free. Do let him know if any cubs are to be expected, but love who you want, lay who you want. Non-consensual acts are forbidden and the offender shall be given to the victim's family for punishment as well as being cast from the pride.

3 Be active in the pride - any slackers will be cast out. Respect your fellow pride members.

4 Claiming is not allowed unless someone is in danger. Runar doesn't want to deal with unhappy members being forced into his ranks. Any who break this rule will have their rank questioned by the council and possibly stripped.

5 Preferably, ranks should be earned. However, Runar does not condone fighting for them. Be prepared for a thought provoking question upon conclusion. Runar has the final say on who takes on this ranks regardless of victory.

6 Respect pride relations. Other prides should be treated politely at least. Should relations swing negatively, be cautious and ready for anything. Don't start wars, kay? Any minor trouble you find yourself in is your own to work out, do let Runar know if it is with another pride's member.

Pride Statistics
Males: 1
Females: 0
Non-Binary: 0
Adults: 1
Adolescents: 0
Cubs: 0
Total: 1/10
Ignis EmpireUnknown