Lion of Prideless
Played by KittyKookiez

Note: This thread takes place 12/19/20, and borders the territory between the Wastes and the Rainforest.

The territory here would provide enough stable temperature and cover so as not to make himself uncomfortable, but he wished it were a little colder. Could be worse, though. The batch of catnip he'd found a few days ago remained strong and plentiful, promising to be around for a long time and provide Matthias with a much-appreciated chance to have fun. When he scoped out the area last time, there had been signs of a cougar enjoying the scent and taste of the plant as well, the bare strips and scuffled ground tell-tale signs, as well as the obvious scent of cougar that he tried not to take in too much of, as it was mixed with the plant's alluring aroma.

Now, days later, Matthias took to scoping out the land again, making sure there were no dangers nearby before he had a taste of it himself. His pelt prickled with excitement at the thought, and he race-walked around the area as he kept an eye and ear out for anything of note.

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