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Etiquette Guidelines
These etiquette guidelines detail some of our expectations for the site- how we treat each other, how we interact with each other both IC, on site, OOC, and on discord. In general these all fall under our rule to be respectful of each other but we're hoping some more specific examples will even better guide behavior.

Post Order -
We expect post order to be adhered to with the exception of a fight spiraling off. If you feel there is a need to skip someone, ask them, ask every person you might be skipping if there are multiple. If you have exhausted asking someone and not received a response the next person in order may post after 3 days.

Coding and Profiles -
We allow profiles to be fully customized however you want, however if you completely alter the layout please make sure that you include a link back to the site. Any code that breaks dusk's lovely layout whether in a profile or on a post will be removed and asked to be fixed before it can be put up again. Table widths can be a maximum of 650px.

Consent & Communication -
Although 'consent' is often used in a sexual context, for us consent can be applied to any and all IC content. We encourage communication between members when it comes to things so we're all clear what we might be getting into with threads. This does not mean detailing out every aspect of a plot all of the time and may just mean checking in with someone if they're okay with an open ended thread without plans, or confirming if there is anything specific they're not okay with. We have site mechanisms that allow for things to be done, things to be taken, etc and we are excited to see them used but we do not want them to be done at the expense of OOC drama. In return we also expect members to be open for bad things to occur to their characters; life isn't perfect it's messy and things won't always go a character's way. We expect characters to be given the chance for retribution, we expect a give and take where if you are dishing it out be prepared to have some things come back your way. It is fair to expect your character should never be harmed or killed without your consent by someone purely as a thrill and it is just as fair that we ask you to be willing to allow those with connections and bad blood to have their chance for revenge, and they in return should be open to revenge against them, etc. We encourage all members to help us foster the community in this direction so we can write together and enjoy the plots. It's only going to come through a group effort.

Content & Trigger Warnings -
These may be utilized at the tops of specific threads, posts, or may be included in a particular character's signature if it's usually in their nature to behave in a way that may be upsetting. In line with the communication of plots we subscribe to the idea that we all deserve a warning before reading, or interacting with, things that we may not want to. On the opposite end if there is content that is upsetting to you that is not marked, please do let us know! We want all to feel comfortable but there will be slips, and there will be aspects of things we all might not realize is making someone uncomfortable. You're welcome to mention this publicly or privately to staff, whichever you prefer.

Talk of IC actions in an OOC setting -
Be cautious of what you're saying, when you're saying and who you are saying it to. We do not want OOC chatter about IC situations to inadvertently turn someone off from writing their character a certain way or engaging in a plot at all. This can be questioning a character's motives or implying they've "got it wrong" (maybe IC they do and that's okay and fun), it can also be suggestions of your character or another acting negatively to an idea or plot. We suggest instead asking how your character might get involved into this plot and engaging communication that way instead.

Respectful & Accurate Portrayals -
The world is a complicated place and in the spirit of inclusivity we do allow characters with various mental and physical disorders. However we expect these to be portrayed respectfully. Please do your research if you decide to incorporate a particular disorder into a character- for you it will be a character in game, for some people it is their life. We would recommend leaving things nameless and vague if you do not feel you can properly portray something. Staff reserve the ultimate say in what is and isn't appropriate and we, at all costs, will be doing our research to ensure we're best informed as well.

Historical Characters -
We welcome all of your transplanted characters and ideas from wherever else you may have written them! We simply ask you avoid mention of specific places so that if someone else, also transplanting a character from that site, wants a fresh new start they can be allowed that. Any prior relationships and history may still stand and come into play only if all involved parties have consented to these historical ties remaining.

Representing Aesseldar -
We would love to have all of your friends here, we'd loved to be talked about elsewhere. But please make sure you are doing so appropriately. This means respecting a site's rules about advertising or mentioning other sites. This also means being courteous to individuals when it comes to inviting them- how and when you do matters. They may not be interested, that is okay. This site might not be a good fit for them, that is okay. If someone has expressed they are not interested in joining we do not condone continually asking them. For this reason we suggest keeping any advertisements to a public, not private setting, to prevent someone from getting multiple invites from different people.

Above all else
remember we are here to write together not to game and beat each other. Please consider under which mindset your actions fall before you take them <3. If we try to "win" at roleplaying we all lose. Sometimes we may need to take our characters a little out of character for kindness' sake and there is no fault in that.