Empress of Ignis Empire
Played by Karasu

It was peculiar, how temperamental the storm were in the steppe than every where else. They were violent in other places, yes, but nothing like the dry lands. When the rain fell, it poured with a vengeance- trying to weigh down anything beneath. Lightning lit up the sly every few seconds, and the thunder seemed to never stop its earth shaking rumble. Luckily for Volcan, it was not one of those times, and the sky was clear with the night stars. The obsidian goddess's breath showed in puffs of white air. This evening, she wasn't searching for herbs for her little one. No, she simply walked to clear her mind, for the chilled atmosphere calmed her burning mind. Dark paws sent dust swirling into the air, settling again moments after she passed. Everything bent to the will of a goddess, especially a land so similar to that of her birth. She wondered idly if this land had also met some violent demise a long time ago.

art by Habitual Nightmare#5003, code by naboo