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out of character
1/1/2021 Staff
Happy 2021 to all! Big thank you for hanging out and being awesome for the first two-ish months of the site. It's been fun so far, looking forwards to a lot this year! If you haven't seen, after a delay, the last day of the advent can be claimed now (here). You have three choices for your last advent prize including a second chance at a creature pass. That's right we have creatures coming to Aesseldar now! Be sure to check the announcement for any rule clarifications if you're interested. Last big bit of news we do have our light layout "in the mist" ready to be used. There will still be tweaks and color changes coming in the next week or so by the fantastic dusk so don't be afraid if things look a little different.

12/15/2020 Staff
Congratulations to Zay for winning the pride raffle with Runar! Welcome our new pride, Adamo Autumna! Don't forget to keep posting in the advent to claim your awesome prizes, and within the next few days you'll see some additional posts cropping up in the ooc areas. We'd love some feedback on the site and will be adding an area for feedback and suggestions. We will also be adding a thread to post all your open threads. Another fantastic surprise is that Koafox (some of you may know her as Miranda from other sites) has said we are welcome to use their table switcher plugin. As soon as I get the files we will be integrating that into the site for everyone to enjoy!

12/7/2020 Staff
TWO news posts back to back my oh my stuff must be brewing! We wanted to let everyone know that the third pride slot has opened. Unlike the other slots we wanted to give everyone a chance to go for it as well, so we'll be raffling it! In order to enter the raffle please DM an admin or the Eoin account with your OOC and which character you'd like to enter the raffle with. The only requirement that has to be met is that the character must be 2 years of age or older (meaning that number of posts and feathers doesn't matter). So get your entries in, the more the merrier as we head into the new year! The other exciting news is that our neutral/lighter colored layout will be out by the end of the year, thanks to the lovely dusk!

12/5/2020 Staff
Thank you so much everyone for a fantastic first month opening. We wanted to thank you all and let you know that we've decided to extend the grand opening bonuses for one more week, so you can bring in your first three characters free through 12/11! In other news our first contests have started and we couldn't be more excited! You may participate in the following, if you haven't already partaken: Advent Calendar, Superlatives, Advertising Contest, OTMs, and the Writing Contests. We'll be releasing another update soon with some super fun surprises, but some of Eoin's events have drawn to an end and it appears some new boards may start popping up! Expect to see more of Eoin, as well as some adjustment to the event threads, for some of the future boards as well!

11/28/2020 Staff
As we bring another week to close we'd like to welcome everyone to participate in our first contest! The Advertising contest is up and provides some really great rewards, as well as participation rewards! Coming soon are the first set of OTMs and superlatives, a writing contest, a sneak peak at our more refined skills system, and a few other small updates. Happy weekend everyone!

11/19/2020 Staff
Thank you everyone for having joined us so far for our site opening and help us grow our community. We have had so many wonderful suggestions, and while we are processing some things and working on the skills, we wanted to let you all know that the OTMs and superlatives are coming! Keep an eye out soon for those. Also it appears that Eoin has been wandering around Aesseldar and may be up to no good... best get checking on his apperances for some good old fashion fun, and maybe even a sweet surprise!

11/4/2020 Staff
Welcome everyone to the grand opening of Aesseldar! We are excited to open our doors and build a community with all of you. As we being our journey together we would love you all to read through the grand opening thread, and remember that while we're transitioning into the start of this, we still have a few fantastic surprises coming. Our skill system is underway and we hope to have that out by the end of November, we would also love to have you all in the Discord with us and welcome any and all suggestions and feedback to help us improve the site! We have a number of things still to come, including a lighter colored layout, accessories in the shop, and would love to remind everyone that the top right series of three vertical dashes will open up the sidebar. In order to reference what IC month it is you will find the calendar link in the sidebar. Happy posting!

in character
12/15/2020 Eoin
With three new terrains open and a third pride staking a claim once more, our mischievous deity Eoin appears to be up to no good again. The quake that cracked open the mountain and closed it once more was felt around the lands, and three new terrains popped open. Tryphosa Shore now has an Atoll sub-board, and there is a Desert and a Rift board. Several more will be coming... but first Eoin will make an impression.

11/17/2020 Eoin
The rainforest trembles, as if fighting back against those who dare to occupy it. The lands of Aesseldar are still only half-tamed, unfettered and unwilling to give way to any aspiring King, any growing empire. And just as quick as King Barnabas came to lay claim to it did it begin to push back, forcing his fledgling pride out with an unforgiving downpour, and a bitter resentment of the creatures that dwell within. With one pride felled, it leaves the opportunity for another to rise from the ashes.

11/4/2020 Eoin
It happened on a hot, humid night. No one there to witness it. Somewhere, surely, it could be heard. The start of a crack. The sound vibrating from mountain top to valley dips. It was a long and dreadful noise. Somewhere in the mountains, somehow, one of the peaks had collapsed. An impassible tower of sharpened points- gone. Snow, with the hidden rocks from the destruction, slid down the slopes that were formed by ages. A wave of white forced outward to cover all below. At first it is still much too dangerous to traverse. But with time the new ground settles and with it comes- a pass. On the other side awaits a land untouched by the curious paws. The lands of Aesseldar have been revealved and somewhere down below three pridelands sit empty, awaiting for eager travelers to start staking their claims. Please refer to the grand opening announcement for information on how to claim a pride slot and fully customize it, since there are some grand opening bonuses or exceptions that are not referenced in the guidebook! We would also love to let everyone know that any official in-character news that gets posted in this "in-character" section of the layout is going to be considered common knowledge for any character in-game. Consider it like an in-character bulletin board! We will keep it updated with relevant and applicable information and hope it helps inspire your plots.

Spring Y11
With spring the clouds begin to disperse and the warmer weather begins and new life blooms. With new lands having been discovered there is a plethora of places for the lions to explore and yet somehow that mischievous site deity never seems to stop bringing the surprises, some of which include occasional inclement weathers. Temps varying between 45°-80°F (7°-27°C).

Into The Unknown
11-19-2020, 03:43 AM - Word count:
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Deity of Deity
Played by Staff

Soft pink, orange, and reds alight the sky as the sun gives a final goodbye to allow the night to come. However, just as the last ray would touch upon those within range- things changed. The movement of air suddenly stopped. All noise ceased to exist. The atmosphere seemed to buzz with electricity. Time seemed to be at a standstill.

It began. A soft vibration that had no real source yet seemed to grow in intensity as if to beckon anyone within range to come.

Table by Naboo

-Each 'round' is started when a post is made from the Eoin account.
-Players may post as many times as needed/wanted within each round.
-No character may enter into the thread after the second round has started.
-The character must post at least once to each round to claim the bonus feathers for the thread (10 per event thread)
-To keep things moving along there will only be 48 hrs between each 'round' regardless of who has replied or not.

This is purely for enjoyment and not mandatory.

11-19-2020, 04:12 AM - Word count:
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Lioness of Prideless
Played by pine

she knew not what drew her to it ( this place ) — just that she moved, wandering upon an invisible path; her feet moved with surety, a nimble dance upon a land that was—slowly—becoming known. vealire paused in her trek, head lifted in careful observation. the sun had begun its descent, painting the evening skies in hues that promised of a greater tomorrow. and yet — and yet, something was not quite right. there was a silence that was not quite a silence; the disturbance came not from the song of birds, nor the whispers of the trees. it was in the air itself — a peal that coiled and hummed deep within. her lips twitched, threatening to bow, but still she pressed on — drawn to a silence that was seemingly anything but.

11-19-2020, 04:14 AM - Word count:
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Lion of Junior Member
Played by vae

Kilian was out wandering when at dusk, eager to become even more acquainted with the land. He was walking the perimeter, in fact, when he felt the eerie shift in the air. It made his mane prickle uncomfortably, like all the hairs wanted to stand on end. Blinking, he began to pad toward what he thought might be the source of the weird sensations. On his way, he saw the injured lioness from the beach. She seemed intent on deciphering this mystery, too, but that didn’t stop him from nodding a silent greeting to her. The rogue fell in step a few lion’s leaps away from her and kept a look out all around them.

11-19-2020, 04:35 AM - Word count:
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Lioness of Prideless
Played by Plymouth

The woman was no longer completely alone and this was satisfactory enough to her. To allow her to not feel that unpleasant yearning for company. It also meant that she had to make sure that she did her fair share of hunting so that her companion wasn't left wanting for food and vice versa. It was because of this that she'd traveled past the wastes to go hunting and she'd been rather fruitful in her endeavor. The woman had a rather large fish trapped in her jaws as she retraced her steps in an attempt to find Helayne... but something in the air stopped her.

The woman looked around, eyes narrowed in uncertainty as she paced towards the feel of a vibration in the air. She was unable to ignore it as it seemed that the two lions already here were not able to either... What was this that made it seem like time had stopped?

11-19-2020, 04:44 AM - Word count:
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Cub of Prideless
Played by Fess

Although the youth was still restricted as to an effective wandering range due to age and the harshness of winter weather, the location that somehow called to him was near to the place which had been made a temporary home.

Close enough for the youth to trot towards the hum that somehow seemed to resonate to the core and beckon one closer. Arriving the three adults present were noted while still a little ways distant. The child's steps slowed, grew quieter as caution kicked in and stealth was sought. It was impossible to ignore the draw - but the desire not to be killed and potentially eaten by an unrelated adult also proved a powerful drive.

Quietly the youth seeks to stick to the outskirts while slipping along, attempting to find a way to locate the source of the call - without needing to get any closer to the others gathered.

free code by cush

11-19-2020, 04:55 AM - Word count:
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Rex of Ignis Empire
Played by Fess

These lands were vast and the lay of them varied as far as scape and inhabitants. Being so new an arrival to these places meant Hunter had plenty to explore and a near endless amount of curious things to witness and investigate. He had been raised as something of a traveler, used to the drastic shift of one biome to the next. So he did not pause as rainforest slowly bled into barren desert and scrub landscape. The winter rains were providing water puddles, even if they vanished to swiftly for convince, and food could still be found for those aware of where to look. But it was more than meer survival that captured his focus this sunset. It was something - quite literally in the air. Something indefinable. Something 'calling'.

And he drew closer to what seemed to be a 'focus' to the mix of feeling and noise. There were others gathered, a swift sweeping glance picked out a small pawful of figures. There was silence save for the hum. He was not afraid to speak up first, to add words to the hum and create either a duet or a taboo depending on one's point of view.

"Well this is .... certainly a thing." there is amusement in his soft silken tone. Flame and poison gaze alert and continuing to casually scan the area, drinking in detail as his coat felt as if it absorbed vibrations.

code by corvus

11-19-2020, 05:40 AM - Word count:
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Lioness of Prideless
Played by violetta

helayne was busying herself with chores when time stopped. she knew blue had gone off to find food, and in the mean time, helayne did her own patrols. the climate became drearier, colder. winter was driving thunderstorms and low temperatures through the land — the woodlands were no exception. she was in the middle of triple checking the perimeter of the treeline, when everything paused. the clouds no longer moved. the sun was hidden but the fading pastels in the sky were no longer receding.

it was as if the universe took a breath, and hadn't yet exhaled. it made her dizzy, light, sent her heart racing even as reality couldn't continue, as it contained her inner panic. there was nothing natural or okay about this.

the dull, irritable vibrations made her head pound, and steps trace back to when she found a little cub in the dunes. from there, she was northbound, until the woman came across a small collection of lions. they all flocked to a desert landscape that had nothing to show but noise and confusion.

nobody seemed to know why they came, but blue was there — she exhaled shakily, instinct and a need for emotional support (in the middle of what could soon be chaos) drove her to settle near the only lioness she could recognize. hela spoke softly, urgency making her words airy. do you know what's going on? there was a vibration, and it wouldn't stop, and i couldn't help but come.


Photo by Jamie Street

11-21-2020, 06:42 AM - Word count:
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Lioness of Junior Member
Played by Nova

Sleepless and worried about the future as she always had been, Harper had set out at a steady pace to track down Kilian. Desperate for something familiar in the heat of her concern though as she got closer and closer, the shift and the change in the air forced the hair on her nape to stand up. Ushering herself forward at a light joke she aimed to come up at Kilian's right side and took a deep breath. Her head aiming to rest on his cheek for a brief moment, reveling in just a moment of solid clarity that they were together. It was weird and strange, but she'd begun to accept that they were bound together. He was good and she was safe; what more could she ask for? Whatever this was, she was glad she had at least found him so that they could do this as a team.


11-23-2020, 03:23 AM - Word count:
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Deity of Deity
Played by Staff

The charge seemed to intensify with each soul that answered its call. The sun still held on to its last grip of the sky as if somehow frozen in place. Slowly a breeze would trickle in. An odd one as it seems to dance about the land in random directions with a short burst. It aimed to pass by each lion and lioness that had joined. To brush along sides and tease the hairs of others. A cool, fleeting breath that left the warmth of a kiss where it had touched. A feel of love to spread.

It continues on until it is no longer- having dissipated into the nothing toward the southern borders of the waste. All of sudden there is a shift in the hum of vibration. No longer does it center in place, but instead beckons them softly in the same direction.

Table by Naboo

excuse the delay of this response.

@Harper @Helayne @Hunter @Tyveil @Blue @Kilian

11-26-2020, 07:28 AM - Word count:
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Rex of Ignis Empire
Played by Fess

His gaze, sharp but not hostile, flicks twoards another arrival...a lioness with gentle sunrise hues, slides in to take place near one of the others gathered. However there is not to much time to consider her arrival or the lack of response to his comments.

Not that it mattered, his words were....more an observation than necessarily an invitation to comment. His head tilts slightly, nose twitching and nostrils flaring a little as he drinks in the scent and tests the odd wind that seemed to kick up.

The warmth is fascinating. For that to be in the air during this time of year was ... beyond odd. The feeling of...what was it? Affection? Love? That was unsettling and it made him a little uneasy.

Yet curiosity overrode his unease as the wind turned to a leading humm once more..and with an amused and curious sound between a hum and a thoughtful 'mmm' Hunter moved to follow it twoards the southern border.


code by corvus