Lioness of Prideless
Played by Swan


OOC: M warning for mild swearing! (just one word, don’t worry, she’s a lady)

The earth breathed out her dust, closed her lids of red, crackled rock. Twilight was coming to kiss her brow, to lose itself in her mountains and valleys. And like a stain the darkness was beginning to invade that pinkish-orange sky. Like creeping fingers, like crawling ink.

Juniper sat upon a rock, lit up by the setting sun. Violet-blue eyes turned a blazing pink. A breeze ruffling the loose fur at the top of her head and hanging from her cheeks.

Everything the light touches is our kingdom, Juniper.

And so deep was the lioness in her thoughts, so wrapped up in the colorful images of her imagination, that night could’ve come and gone without her knowing. Everything inside her…it felt so barren, so empty. Here she was, wandering purposelessly. Thrust into an adventure she did not want. That was the problem, wasn’t it? What made her different from all the young, vibrant people back home. They wanted everything; they wanted the world laid down at their feet. And she…she just wanted the world to leave her alone.

She wanted her brother back. She would’ve stayed in the same meager square-feet for her ENTIRE life just to be with her family again.

Juniper sniffled, blinking back the hot, furious tears that were coming to her eyes.

Adventure should go fuck itself.



And I will try to fix you