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out of character
1/1/2021 Staff
Happy 2021 to all! Big thank you for hanging out and being awesome for the first two-ish months of the site. It's been fun so far, looking forwards to a lot this year! If you haven't seen, after a delay, the last day of the advent can be claimed now (here). You have three choices for your last advent prize including a second chance at a creature pass. That's right we have creatures coming to Aesseldar now! Be sure to check the announcement for any rule clarifications if you're interested. Last big bit of news we do have our light layout "in the mist" ready to be used. There will still be tweaks and color changes coming in the next week or so by the fantastic dusk so don't be afraid if things look a little different.

12/15/2020 Staff
Congratulations to Zay for winning the pride raffle with Runar! Welcome our new pride, Adamo Autumna! Don't forget to keep posting in the advent to claim your awesome prizes, and within the next few days you'll see some additional posts cropping up in the ooc areas. We'd love some feedback on the site and will be adding an area for feedback and suggestions. We will also be adding a thread to post all your open threads. Another fantastic surprise is that Koafox (some of you may know her as Miranda from other sites) has said we are welcome to use their table switcher plugin. As soon as I get the files we will be integrating that into the site for everyone to enjoy!

12/7/2020 Staff
TWO news posts back to back my oh my stuff must be brewing! We wanted to let everyone know that the third pride slot has opened. Unlike the other slots we wanted to give everyone a chance to go for it as well, so we'll be raffling it! In order to enter the raffle please DM an admin or the Eoin account with your OOC and which character you'd like to enter the raffle with. The only requirement that has to be met is that the character must be 2 years of age or older (meaning that number of posts and feathers doesn't matter). So get your entries in, the more the merrier as we head into the new year! The other exciting news is that our neutral/lighter colored layout will be out by the end of the year, thanks to the lovely dusk!

12/5/2020 Staff
Thank you so much everyone for a fantastic first month opening. We wanted to thank you all and let you know that we've decided to extend the grand opening bonuses for one more week, so you can bring in your first three characters free through 12/11! In other news our first contests have started and we couldn't be more excited! You may participate in the following, if you haven't already partaken: Advent Calendar, Superlatives, Advertising Contest, OTMs, and the Writing Contests. We'll be releasing another update soon with some super fun surprises, but some of Eoin's events have drawn to an end and it appears some new boards may start popping up! Expect to see more of Eoin, as well as some adjustment to the event threads, for some of the future boards as well!

11/28/2020 Staff
As we bring another week to close we'd like to welcome everyone to participate in our first contest! The Advertising contest is up and provides some really great rewards, as well as participation rewards! Coming soon are the first set of OTMs and superlatives, a writing contest, a sneak peak at our more refined skills system, and a few other small updates. Happy weekend everyone!

11/19/2020 Staff
Thank you everyone for having joined us so far for our site opening and help us grow our community. We have had so many wonderful suggestions, and while we are processing some things and working on the skills, we wanted to let you all know that the OTMs and superlatives are coming! Keep an eye out soon for those. Also it appears that Eoin has been wandering around Aesseldar and may be up to no good... best get checking on his apperances for some good old fashion fun, and maybe even a sweet surprise!

11/4/2020 Staff
Welcome everyone to the grand opening of Aesseldar! We are excited to open our doors and build a community with all of you. As we being our journey together we would love you all to read through the grand opening thread, and remember that while we're transitioning into the start of this, we still have a few fantastic surprises coming. Our skill system is underway and we hope to have that out by the end of November, we would also love to have you all in the Discord with us and welcome any and all suggestions and feedback to help us improve the site! We have a number of things still to come, including a lighter colored layout, accessories in the shop, and would love to remind everyone that the top right series of three vertical dashes will open up the sidebar. In order to reference what IC month it is you will find the calendar link in the sidebar. Happy posting!

in character
12/15/2020 Eoin
With three new terrains open and a third pride staking a claim once more, our mischievous deity Eoin appears to be up to no good again. The quake that cracked open the mountain and closed it once more was felt around the lands, and three new terrains popped open. Tryphosa Shore now has an Atoll sub-board, and there is a Desert and a Rift board. Several more will be coming... but first Eoin will make an impression.

11/17/2020 Eoin
The rainforest trembles, as if fighting back against those who dare to occupy it. The lands of Aesseldar are still only half-tamed, unfettered and unwilling to give way to any aspiring King, any growing empire. And just as quick as King Barnabas came to lay claim to it did it begin to push back, forcing his fledgling pride out with an unforgiving downpour, and a bitter resentment of the creatures that dwell within. With one pride felled, it leaves the opportunity for another to rise from the ashes.

11/4/2020 Eoin
It happened on a hot, humid night. No one there to witness it. Somewhere, surely, it could be heard. The start of a crack. The sound vibrating from mountain top to valley dips. It was a long and dreadful noise. Somewhere in the mountains, somehow, one of the peaks had collapsed. An impassible tower of sharpened points- gone. Snow, with the hidden rocks from the destruction, slid down the slopes that were formed by ages. A wave of white forced outward to cover all below. At first it is still much too dangerous to traverse. But with time the new ground settles and with it comes- a pass. On the other side awaits a land untouched by the curious paws. The lands of Aesseldar have been revealved and somewhere down below three pridelands sit empty, awaiting for eager travelers to start staking their claims. Please refer to the grand opening announcement for information on how to claim a pride slot and fully customize it, since there are some grand opening bonuses or exceptions that are not referenced in the guidebook! We would also love to let everyone know that any official in-character news that gets posted in this "in-character" section of the layout is going to be considered common knowledge for any character in-game. Consider it like an in-character bulletin board! We will keep it updated with relevant and applicable information and hope it helps inspire your plots.

Spring Y11
With spring the clouds begin to disperse and the warmer weather begins and new life blooms. With new lands having been discovered there is a plethora of places for the lions to explore and yet somehow that mischievous site deity never seems to stop bringing the surprises, some of which include occasional inclement weathers. Temps varying between 45°-80°F (7°-27°C).

haunted to be wanted
11-07-2020, 05:03 AM - Word count:
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Lioness of Prideless
Played by Naboo

In the stark land of white and snow she is an eyesore; a bloodied stain upon the pristine canvas that spanned for miles. The scowl on her features hardly noticeable to her anymore, the tight draw of her kohl-rimmed lips nearly distorting into a snarl, the saffron gaze concealed beneath red and behind the curtain of carmine flesh stark in contrast as her flesh to the powdered white about. Leaving deep indentations her paws sunk into the soft snow with a crunch, a light snowfall picking up and being dusted around by a cool breeze that tickled against her skin as it wove through her hair and pressed against her bosom. With the sun high on the horizon she continued to wander into the tundra, deeper and deeper into the heart of the barren land until in the distance she could see an outcropping of trees. Pines cloaked in a veil of white, and even her own back had started accumulating a light cap of snowflakes that occasionally danced down her sides when she moved too briskly. Eventually she reached the edge of a tall pine, feeling nothing as she looked around to see a scattering of trees and then more endless white snow, not a soul in her immediate sight.

art by ki-re, code by naboo

11-07-2020, 09:13 PM - Word count:
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Lion of Prideless
Played by Howl

The lion had slept little for many weeks. He looks and feels like shit. Nazario is getting by just. At least he could keep himself busy by scouting and that's exactly what he did. Heading further west it gets colder as he enters a forest. It's not freezing but every step westward feels agonising in how exhausted he is. Everything feels colder now. He can't sleep any more not for longer than a few hours if he's lucky. The sun filters through the trees lightly blessing his pelt with warmth but the soon changes as he reaches the edge. Dusty leaves give way to a stark white substance, is this the white powder they call snow? Nazario was well travelled but the snow wasn't something he had ever encountered before, he's heard tales but never laid eyes upon it until now.

What's this? Tentatively he reaches out with his right paw and quick as a flash he's back on wet mud. No siree he is not going on that. At least not yet. It's like sand but different. It's so cold, freezing even and it's soft but not sand soft but other parts seem hard and Nazario has not had enough sleep to deal with such fucking weird bullshit today. Falling with a thud he lies on the border slumped against a stump. No matter how tired he is he dares not sleep and even if he did dare he couldn't sleep still. His body was on autopilot mainly, he felt a deep ache inside his soul. Since when did his limbs get so heavy? Why did his skeletons haunt and taunt him so!?

His breathing slowed he needs this rest. Even if he cannot fall asleep the stillness is much desired. Looking out across the white land all there is more white and nothing. The sun is brighter out beyond the treeline. Nazario is used to cold nights, not cold days. Note to self never come here ever again. Yet he presses onwards because he's a dumbass who thinks with his dick more than his brain. It's still strange, alien. He has yet to form an opinion above what the heck is this? The soft snow soon turns harder and his feet sink in with a satisfying crunch. Is it normal for your feet to be numb? Is that regular for this environment? Curious he was but he could not articulate his thoughts.

Snow does not agree with him, but he will not let it beat him even when half dead. Further, he heads into desolation. Not even a bird passes overhead as he ambles deeper into the tundra. You'd think he'd gone crazy with his straight-line walking. It's silent and not that nice silence either, it's the eerie silence the one you want to chase away. No Depeche Mode we won't be enjoying the silence today! Eventually, he sees something of interest. Blessed be he won't be offing himself today. A grove of pines looks interesting. It has been a while since he ever saw a tree, it's the most action he has had in hours.

The pines unfortunately scatter but they give up their secret. Another is here. Nazario studies them at quite the distance away. They're red and have a least a small mane that's as far as he can discern. Meandering closer he gets a good whiff ah female and from the looks of it roughly his age. He chuffs in greeting “Ciao.” he spoke pallidly, unfortunately, Nazario was still worn after all these weeks of nothing but skeletons haunting his dreams. He at least attempts for her “What brings you out here, cara mia?” hopefully should they meet again he's sleeping better then. Unfortunately, she is not getting his best, what a shame.


11-13-2020, 04:32 AM - Word count:
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Lioness of Prideless
Played by Naboo

Powder blew across the tundra and occasionally picked up into a flurry of white that would rise high into the sky and collapse, float around and then disperse until her coat was covered with a small sheen of glistening, melting snow. Her back had a small cap that occasionally broken when she moved, though having stood here and looked into the nothing that awaited her, she found it particularly hard to find her enthusiasm to continue exploring. That and she was cold; dragons (or so she told herself so that she wouldn't seem as whiny) didn't like the cold. The loathsome feeling of her toes needing to be moved to keep blood circulating had left her particularly grumpy, as had the sound and the feel of the snow compacting beneath her feet. Her toes crunching every time they moved and her footprints were left embedded into the crusty and hard snow that was beginning to turn to ice where she'd squashed it, despite some of the snow blowing over it and filling in a few of the gaps to create breaks in her trail.

Only one redeeming quality of the land was that she wondered what it would be like to spill the flesh and blood of a creature here, to paint the snow red in a manner which matched her pelt and her sanguine heart. While she is pondering this, stranded in the middle of shitsville Aesseldar, it comes to her attention that another has joined her. The tightness in her jaws is realized as her hard yellow gaze falls upon him and scrutinizes, ears sliding slightly backwards and towards the side of her skull as he spoke - and briefly she wondered what the hell a cara mia was.

Mild bemusement flashes across her face as her lips part, tongue sliding across the darkened portion of her muzzle before crawling back to the cradle between her teeth, breath steeping lightly within her lungs which burned from the cold but her voice rasped and growled lowly. "Apparently I'm as stupid as you are," The callous and crass answer to his question, her gaze shifting among the swirling patters of his face momentarily. "for thinking I could find anything worthwhile in this desolate waste." The normal and habitual movement of her claws into earth was met with the soft punch into the snow and then they stuck, unable to knead and expressly move her toes in the manner which she desired, causing her breath to heave dramatically from her jaws with irritation. "Unless you've got a surprise that may make it worth my while?" The lilt of her voice changing and rising a little, daring him to entertain her even of for a moment, trying to escape that grievous befouling which had so tainted her mood.

art by ki-re, code by naboo