Princess of Ignis Empire
Played by Aistiva

Large paws pressed against the dry, cracked earth of the wastelands, expanding for miles before her Petra roamed with no real destination. Honeyed eyes dancing across the open landscape as the sun slowly sunk beneath the horizon, giving way for some potential promise of relief from the barren land with the cool air of night about to be upon her back. Her tail would curl as she padded on, aimlessly; and she wondered of her family, of her mother, and what had come of them.

A flick of her ear, her head would turn glancing casually to catch sight of a small rodent scurrying across the open land, dipping down quickly in seek of shelter from the predators that lurked the skies. A mouse to small to acquire any sort of interest from her, she merely watched; sighed and continued forward. Hoping she might find a place to settle down for the night as the air grew darker and the stars began to dot the sky.

lazily she pressed forward, until she'd find a place against the back of a great stone pillar, she would fall down roughly against it. Letting her chin fall upon her paws.