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Creatures <3

As you may have seen in the advent calendar, we will be introducing creatures into Aesseldar. Henceforth we will be allowing non-extinct African species to join the lions of the site! With the welcoming of non-lion characters into Aesseldar we wanted to highlight how they will play into our current rules and site mechanics. Besides the passes given away in the advent creature characters may be created for the cost of 100 feathers. For future members we will be allowing one of the two first free characters to be a creature at no cost.


Any creature character will be allowed to follow the rules of the creation page as if they were a lion. IE you may have them be unnatural colors, have markings, and even some mutations if you wish. If a lion has to pay for a color the creature must also pay for the color (unless it is otherwise a natural color on the animal IE greens and blues on birds). And while we are not requiring creatures to be 100% realistic we will have some specific restrictions on mutations. Mutations utilized must be biologically plausible for the species you are creating and must be a mutation we offer for lion creation. IE, albino may be used on all creatures as all creatures have color/pigment to be impacted but a bird may not have elongated fangs as birds do not have teeth to begin with nor may it have secondary wings as we do not offer a wing mutation for lions. If you have any specific questions about particular situations/mutations please let us know. Creatures must be approximately a realistic size for their species- we will allow some leeway on this especially if you are utilizing a size mutation. But we will not allow drastic variations like very tiny elephants the size of songbirds or vice versa.


Creatures will be able to fully participate in the specialization system and all of its bonuses!

Dice Rolls

Creatures will have dice sets based on their approximate size (small, medium, large), however we will be restricting all creatures to starting dice sets lower than the values given to lions. We do want to remain a lion RP first and this is one of the few restrictions we will be placing on creatures to ensure they do not become overpowered.


We will only be allowing interbreeding and hybridization of creatures with lions through passes that will be prizes in upcoming contests. These breedings when introduced will only be allowed for realistic pairs (so no bird lions, sorry guys!) Further information about hybridization will be provided when passes are first given as prizes. Two creatures of the same species may "have" a litter as they please but any children to be played on site must be created as new characters- creatures will not have use of the dice litter roll mechanic.

Pride Membership

Creatures may join prides (they will count towards the pride cap/population) but cannot take over a leadership role within the pride. They may however serve as one of the lower ranks.