Rex of Ignis Empire
Played by Fess

There is a spark in Hunter's gaze, a certain sort of glimmer that fails to dull even when treated to the less than enthused expression from the other male upon seeing him and what he had caught. He is unphazed, perched on the edge of the softest of chuckles for a moment before the silken sound slides out almost whisper soft.

Although the other continued to look very unamused it did seem that tension left his frame, so an escalation from displeasure to violence was unlikely. "Indeed. Slippery little shits. And paranoid." he agreed before lifting his one forepaw and swiftly swatting the still living one at his present companion. If he could catch it before it ran, they would both have one. It was only fair, the other male had provided a proper distraction - even if he had not known he was doing so.


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