Deity of Deity
Played by Staff


Once a month staff will propose (or perhaps ask the members for input on :3) a set of "superlatives" for members to nominate other character for. These will generally be adjectives or titles and are all meant in good fun. Following a nomination window staff will tally up and see who received the most nominations- and in the case of a tie put up a final vote to determine one winner. Unless extenuating circumstances arise this contests will follow this time tables each month-

Nominations will be open between the 1st and the 21th
Tiebreakers will be open between the 22nd and the 28th if needed
Winners will be announced following the conclusion of tallying!


Winners of each superlative will be recorded here ad eternum. Additionally winners of each title will be awarded 20 feathers to the relevant IC accounts.


1) You may nominate 1 character for each superlative regardless of their post count.
2) You may not nominate your own characters.
3) Winners will be determined by tally of all nominations. Ties will be put to polls.
4) You may win multiple superlatives within the same month.

Past Winners
December 2020-
Best Turkey Call: Basilia, Vermillion, Pan, Abraham
Best Artistic Rendering of a Hand Print Turkey: Fenella
Would Get Seconds: Vermillion, Abraham, Marcella
The Reason for the Season: Tintalle
Burnt the Pie: Volcan, Minerva
Started a Fight at the Holiday Dinner Table: Erenvel, Arsynia, Volcan, Hunter
Makes the Biggest Leaf Pile: Juniper
First to Start Putting up Christmas Lights: Minerva