Lioness of Prideless
Played by dusk

She'd bided her time, considered her options. Arsynia had been content to linger in the shadows simply because it was easy to watch from afar, to witness chaos unfolding before her and not partake simply to watch its key players emerge from the fire. However, as time pressed on, the safety of her family had taken precedence, and thus was the duty of the hesitating Matriarch to find them a home. At first, she had considered joining Kaden or Barnabas, securing them under a King if only to avoid the weight of a crown herself. But Arsynia Tollaire knew her time would come soon, and when the opportunity had come, she couldn't bar herself from seizing it.

She ascended the mountaintops and first called for her family; afterward, however, came her claim, resolute and resoundingly clear, abandoning her hesitation in favor of security; Drakon needed a home for his family, after all, and Erenvel needed to see hera testament of her strength.

Arsynia is attempting to claim a pride!

Art by soar