Rex of Ignis Empire
Played by Fess

It was a bit past time introductions be made between one half of his family - and the other newly forming portion. Perhaps he had put off this event a little due to to massive headache that would result should introductions not go smoothly and personalities prove impossible to coexist? Regardless it was not an event that could be sidelined forever and given recent developments it was now at the point where a 'get it over with' sort of situation was in play. With a yawn that ended in the clacking of jaws shut Hunter headed to the borders, stood on them and called loudly for his siblings. Severin had been near the lake not too long ago, perhaps he was still in ear shot. And were Severin was the third sibling was likely to not be far off. Hopefully they would hear and come to see why he beckoned. "..."

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