Lioness of Prideless
Played by Naboo

In the stark land of white and snow she is an eyesore; a bloodied stain upon the pristine canvas that spanned for miles. The scowl on her features hardly noticeable to her anymore, the tight draw of her kohl-rimmed lips nearly distorting into a snarl, the saffron gaze concealed beneath red and behind the curtain of carmine flesh stark in contrast as her flesh to the powdered white about. Leaving deep indentations her paws sunk into the soft snow with a crunch, a light snowfall picking up and being dusted around by a cool breeze that tickled against her skin as it wove through her hair and pressed against her bosom. With the sun high on the horizon she continued to wander into the tundra, deeper and deeper into the heart of the barren land until in the distance she could see an outcropping of trees. Pines cloaked in a veil of white, and even her own back had started accumulating a light cap of snowflakes that occasionally danced down her sides when she moved too briskly. Eventually she reached the edge of a tall pine, feeling nothing as she looked around to see a scattering of trees and then more endless white snow, not a soul in her immediate sight.


Figured maybe we could pick up a new thread for them <3
art by ki-re, code by naboo